Ever wondered what your heart and lungs chat about?

Find out in Do Not Resuscitate, a new mixed 2D/3D comedy animation from Idea Hat Productions.

Join us for a taste of life (and death) at St Matt’s Hospital and meet its dysfunctional staff (and their patients’ talking internal organs) voiced by a whole host of celebrity actors.

Characters include billionaire philanthropist Carl Dunt (on the lookout for his latest pet project) and social media influencer surgeon (and total prick) Doctor Proctor.

At a time when Britain’s NHS is at a crisis point, rest assured, Do Not Resuscitate has no social value whatsoever . . . It does have lots of knob gags though.


Voice Artists: Mandip Gill, Kyle Soller, Mark Heap, Simon Greenall and Lu Corfield
3D Sequences: Gabriel Edwards
2D Assets and Rigging: Kathryn Chorley
2D Animation: David Barrow
Character Designs: Minty Barlow & Phil Littler
Scriptwriters: Kim Fuller & Paul Alexander
Music Score: Gareth Cousins
Sound Mixing/Consultant: Antoine Kaiserman
5:1 Mix: Conor Thompson
Producer/Director: Adam Peters
Executive Producer and Created by Ian Haig


WINNER at AniMate, the Australian Animated Film Festival 2024, World Animation Category