Idea Hat’s Ian Haig has worked closely with Barts Heritage, a charity formed in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust, to repair and renovate the Grade I listed North Wing and Henry VIII Gatehouse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in the City of London.

The North Wing of at St Bartholomew’s Hospital houses two of England’s most important interiors, the Great Hall, and the Hogarth Stair with its massive paintings by William Hogarth, together with the historic Hospital archives and an extensive collection of art. These interiors and collections represent the historic heart of the Hospital and reflect 900 years of history.

Barts Heritage have planned a comprehensive restoration project which will open up the buildings for a range of uses as part of the 900th anniversary celebrations in 2023. Their shared vision is to bring the buildings back to life as a place of discovery and delight for visitors and to provide facilities to promote the health and wellbeing of hospital staff.

In the meantime, they continue to promote the North Wing and its spectacular interiors as a place for performance, conferences and celebrations. Working with Barts, Ian has successfully negotiated location deals for film and TV sets including the Martin Lewis Money Show (ITV) and a forthcoming Ridley Scott movie.