Initially focused on live action and radio, Idea Hat recently moved into the animation market with a number of projects in development for audiences aged 1-100. Over the summer of 2022, we created a taster sequence for a new medical sitcom featuring a host of star voices and an award-winning composer.

The animation talent we are working with ranges from seasoned professionals (including those responsible for the title sequences of the last decade’s biggest TV series) to the most amazing recent graduates British universities have produced.

Our CGI animation covers a huge range of styles. Our recent taster project incorporates three (traditional-looking cutout 2D, hyper-realistic CAD-style 3D and a 2.5D blend) within a single format! We’re committed to making CGI more affordable and available to those who would usually think it beyond their budgets. Our pricing is comparable to that of live-action programming.

Idea Hat’s animation slate embraces the 2020s mixed media approach. We have formats using just one style or many, as well as a raft of ideas that blend CGI into live-action series. These encompass everything from preschool to late night, comedy to factual and more. Please contact us if you require any further information. We’d love to hear from you.